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The Intersection of Alliances and Project Management in Biopharma

Webinar 27th April 2023


In theory, an Alliance is a perfect way to work. The different parties can focus on their own expertise; they share the potential of achieving an important and valuable goal. It should be an efficient way to operate, as well as energising and motivating all players.

And in some situations, it works very well. But in many, it does not.

The Project Manager can help to synchronise an alliance, overcome conflicts and ensure it delivers its value. But as we will see that’s often more complex and difficult than it might seem at a superficial view.

In this session, John shared some common pitfalls in alliances and some critical success factors.


The Objectives were:

  • Share experiences about the relative success of Alliances and particular challenges and stresses on the Project Manager

  • Understand when the Project Manager should get involved as an Alliance starts up

  • Critical actions to set up properly, maintain the relationship and overcome conflict

Download PDF • 829KB

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