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What are the benefits of sponsoring PIPMG?

There are several particular benefits to you, depending on your industry type:

  • As a Pharmaceutical company / Biotechnology Company, you can take advantage of a useful development opportunity for your own people, and demonstrate support for a vital function that helps our industry thrive

  • As a professional services or supplier organisation, you can reach a highly focused and targeted group of industry professionals, make contacts and explain the products and services you provide

  • As an industry organisations / clusters / regional hub, you can add interesting and relevant content for your member organisations, plus you can attract PIPMG members and their own companies to the services and member benefits that you provide.

​What kind of sponsorship opportunities are available?

Company Showcase in the PIPMG Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre is an important part of the PIPMG offering to members. The Knowledge Centre includes Pages of articles detailing past events, slides decks, recordings, and articles on topics of interest to our members. We welcome sponsors to write a Page that may contain articles, presentations and recordings, to showcase their business, for the benefit of our members. There is a modest cost for a website Page, renewable each year. Contact to find out more.

Host an event

Many of our events are held at the premises of life science organisations. To host an event for us, we ask you to provide a meeting facility on your premises and some catering. We would manage the design and the logistics of the event, requiring only limited input from your administration staff. In return we offer the opportunity to influence the event topics, a number of complimentary places at the event for your own professional staff, and presentation opportunities for your senior staff and leadership team.

Co-host an event

This is particularly suitable for relevant industry organisatons /clusters / regional hubs, where a jointly arranged event would be of interest to your members and ours. Such an event may focus on our area of interest or be a mix of both of our topics. Typically we would ask you to host on your premises and in return we would be happy to manage the design and logistics. We would ask also that you advertise the event to your own membership, and we will publicise your organisation in our own member communications.

Directly sponsor a PIPMG event

You can sponsor a variety of aspects of one of our events. This can be as small as helping us with preparing meeting attendee materials packs or covering meeting refreshments. Typically our major events have an evening Day 1 dinner which can be sponsored. You may also sponsor an entire event. In return your company would be promoted prominently in our event materials, communications and handouts. In addition you may be able to provide a speaker for the event and/or a promotional stand at the event, browsable during our networking breaks.

Sponsor PIPMG

We are open to discussions with organisations who might wish to maintain a longer term association with us. In return, this would mean your company being promoted prominently in our general communications to our members as well as in our event materials and handouts.

You may also receive some regular promotion and links to you own site in return for your providing discounts to our members on products and services that they might find valuable

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