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Development and Training

You may be working at the leading edge of science, but is your company's skills base, project management capability and working culture at an excellent level? As you grow this is increasingly important if you're to achieve your business goals.

This is a challenge, especially in small and medium-size organisations that do not have central resources to develop and manage project effectiveness.

PIPMG can help you with development, training and mentoring across a range of needs.


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Getting started with project management

Transitioning from a science role; Moving into the sector; Introductory and Basics training


Building professional skills

Developing cross-function leadership and engaged teams; Sector specific training and coaching

PM Expectations

What's expected from PMs in our sector? Hear views of our experts.

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Building a high performing organisation

Explore the Blue Line© model and how it can help you optimise your operations

Courses list

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