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Lesson Learnt in Project Management

Updated: Apr 7

31 May 2023

Held at GSK, Stevenage, UK

Studies have again recently confirmed the correlation between sophisticated knowledge management systems and improved organizational performance. Unfortunately, these studies have again demonstrated that Pharma significantly lags behind other industries in-terms of mature or expert knowledge management standards (38% vs 68% for non-pharma). The lessons learnt part of Pharma knowledge management often simply consists of a lessons learnt review meeting at the end of a project when positive and negative aspects of project performance are reviewed, discussed and documented. Steps are then hopefully taken to capture this knowledge and pass it on, so that it provides a real benefit to the next projects.

There is so much more to lessons learnt and knowledge management than an end of project review meeting and all pharma companies need to up their games in this area in order to achieve better organisational performance. At this meeting pharma and non-pharma industry experts discussed, amongst other things, how best to conduct and benefit from lessons learnt exercises and provide some additional helpful tools for knowledge management!

Here are slides sets from the event speakers:

Charlotte Newton, Assoc. Director Project Mgt, AstraZeneca

Download PDF • 351KB

Debora Joseph-Pietras, Project Leader, CRUK Centre for Drug Development

Download PDF • 2.08MB

Jo Stanford, CEO, Healthcare Project and Change Association, NHS

Download PDF • 3.34MB

Paul Heugh, Managing Director, Skarbek Associates

Sanja Petric, VP, Client Delivery & Knowledge/IP Skarbek Associates

Download PDF • 21.23MB

Also, an infographic about the After Action Review from Skarbek associates:

Download PDF • 295KB

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