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Pharmaceutical Industry Risk Management – Evolution or Revolution?

Updated: May 29

Conference Meeting 27th February 2024

This conference was held at Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge, Surrey UK. The event was sponsored by Skarbek Associates.

The Objectives of this meeting were:

  • Review current state of risk management practice in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Learn from risk management practitioners in other industries

  • Consider potential impact of AI on risk management practice

  • Discuss opportunities and network with colleagues during interactive workshops

At the meeting Skarbek gave a presentation and ran several team workshops - which we unfortunately cannot share. However, other invited guest speakers gave some great presentations:

Denise Moody, Kuano - A case study in Risk in a generics firm product launch

Case study in Risk - Denise Moody
Download PDF • 7.36MB

Ruth Vickers, USB - 'My career Risk Journey'

My risk journey - Ruth Vickers
Download PDF • 6.18MB

John Faulkes, PPMLD - Balancing the 'Blue Line' and risk management

Balancing Blue Line and Risk management
Download PDF • 533KB

Claudio Pediconi - Risk Management in Biotech Startups

Risk Management in Biotech start ups Claudio
Download PDF • 692KB

Simon Pearce, GSK - Pipeline Risk Management

Pipeline Risk Management in GSK R^0D
Download PDF • 1.63MB

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