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Managing complex development programmes

Updated: Apr 7

28th November 2023

Held at UCB, Slough, UK

Is innovation our friend or foe?

In the life science community, we are managing complex programs in an increasingly challenging environment. This was the topic for discussion at PIPMG's recent conference. 

One common theme throughout the event was the increasing importance of the patient's voice. Particularly acknowledging the patient not just by their pathology, but as a person. Relating to this topic especially were two of our speakers:

Dan Swerdlow - How innovation and complex therapeutics are changing the development paradigm

Download PDF • 920KB

Panteli Thocharous - Complex patient, pathways in rare diseases, the recruitment conundrum

Download PDF • 1.28MB

Another key theme during the day was the regulatory complexities in bringing innovative products to healthcare, such as rare disease therapies, and companion diagnostics. This was addressed by:

Alison Gillies - Companion diagnostics, regulatory

Nitin Jain - Delivering companion diagnostics, successfully

Jamie Austin (pictured) Unlocking superpower - regulatory schemes for complex therapies

Download PDF • 649KB

Download PDF • 737KB

Download PDF • 923KB

The two workshop sessions on the day looked at what various modern developments in our world mean for companies and project managers.

Workshop 1: AI, Platform technologies, Parallel Drug device developments.

PIPMG Managing complex Programs workshop-1
Download PDF • 649KB

Workshop 2: Agile project management; Frameworks for decision-making

PIPMGManaging complex Programs Workshop-2
Download PDF • 1.28MB

Making some more interesting presentations about the ways we needed to think about organising our work to meet the challenges this day identified:

Clive Lambden - Waterfall / Agile project management methodologies

Ian Murray (pictured) - Journey towards a unified project management model in UCB

Download PDF • 690KB

Download PDF • 1.51MB

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