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Is Data Analytics and AI the new Project Management?

Can better use of data help in the Pharmaceutical Industry Projects?

November 2020

There are 17,000 drugs in development, 58,000 discontinued projects, £1bn – £2bn cost per new medicines, Drug development waste, and no quantitative view of all projects.

Can data analytics and AI be used to gain insights for efficiencies and value generation using data and automation? To do this we need;

  • Collaborations

  • Tools

  • Data

Presentations and Workshops

Project Data Analytics Could Transform Project Delivery

Martin Paver

Martin will run us through the background to project data analytics and how it could transform how we deliver projects. He’ll then summarise some of the current work that is in progress ranging from the Project Data Analytics Task Force through to Data Trusts, plus much more in between. He’ll summarise with a vision for the future of the profession and how we should prepare.

Download PDF • 3.70MB

AI Will Dramatically Change Project Management

Professor Paul Boudreau, Algonquin College, Ottowa and Stonemeadow Consulting

Imagine the incredible value if every project was delivered on time, on budget and with little or no change to the scope of work?  That is the potential of applying artificial intelligence (AI) to project management. However, misconceptions and lack of preparation are huge challenges for organizations that attempt to implement AI for project management.  This presentation starts with a concise overview of AI and provides basic guidelines for success.  It includes a description of some of the existing AI-based project management tools being used today.  This is followed by a live demo of Paul’s current research as well as the next level of capability that will disrupt our project management processes.  Are you ready for project success rates that this profession truly deserves?

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