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How do you build a plane while flying it?

Webinar 5th December 2023

How   do you successfully evolve your company to align with a new strategy without  disrupting your whole organisation? When do you inspire your employees with shiny new opportunities? How do you ensure critical business as usual  activities don’t fall over?

Dr   Karen Skinner, Chief Project & Portfolio Officer at LifeArc has had to tackle this challenge.

In this webinar Karen shared her top ten tactics and associated tools utilised by LifeArc’s PMO to help successfully deliver the transformation. This includes a framework and templates to support:

  • Effective change management and communications

  • Gaining leadership alignment and stakeholder buy-in

  • Resource allocation, cross-functional collaboration, learning and development

  • Incremental approach, allowing flexibility and adaptability

  • Performance evaluation to track progress and impact of the change

This was a partner event hosted by APM. You can view the recording here.

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