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Diversity of PM approaches in a small Biotech

Webinar August 2023

Life science companies have adopted project and program management as a core competency to manage business process changes and drive their development pipeline.  Larger companies typically have very narrowly defined PM roles and centralized and formalized processes, while smaller companies typically have fewer PMs and few if any standardized practices.  These smaller, informal venues can pose a challenge and an opportunity for PMs. 

In this discussion, three practitioners from a smaller biotech company will share their experiences, highlight the varied and demanding responsibilities for PMs in a dynamic biotech environment.  In addition to sharing different approaches based on the need in research, CMC and alliances, they will also touch on the importance of culture, corporate values, and growth in how PM is deployed, and will share some of the challenges working in a highly fluid environment with complex set of stakeholders with different definitions of PM.

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