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Who's Who in PIPMG

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John Faulkes

John is a member of the PIPMG Steering Committee. 

John began his career as a scientist in Immunology Diagnostics within the Wellcome Foundation (now GSK).  He moved after some years to a new career in human resources as a trainer, team coach and eventually a learning and development Business Partner.


He became a consultant in the 1990’s, offering organization development, team building, skills training / coaching, instructional design and coordination.  In 2001, he co-founded PPMLD Ltd with Ralph White, which specialises in enhancing collaborative working in life sciences – in particular, cross-functional project management and alliance / CRO outsourcing partnerships. 


John is also highly experienced in developing online, interactive support for learning and continues to innovate as this technology evolves.

He manages PIPMG Operations - website, event planning.

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