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Who's Who in PIPMG


Dr Janette Thomas

Janette is a Director on the PIPMG Board. 

Janette Thomas (BSc, DiploD, PhD) is a director of PIPMG.


Janette is Founder and Director of Pellis Care Ltd. She is an experienced senior executive with 22 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. She has led R&D and international pharmaceutical drug development projects including for GlaxoSmithKline plc (LSE:GSK), CELS Ltd, Gardant, Jomaa Pharma GmbH, Immodulon Therapeutics Ltd, Horizon Discovery Group plc (LSE:HZD) and Atlantic Healthcare Ltd.


Her experience includes leading research projects, manufacturing outsourcing, large multinational consortia, and multinational pharmaceutical projects.


Janette has a Diploma in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors, a PhD from University of Leicester, UK, and post doctoral research at Cambridge University, UK.

Janette was a member of the PIPMG committee for may years, and managed PIPMG's finances for much of that time. she will be retiring as a Director later in 2024.

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